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DJ Ke Moe is a Music Producer|DJ|Musician and now Co-Founder of MoeTan Records. Mixing genres like House/Hip-Hop/R&B/Dubstep/Pop all into ONE SHOW. He has been around the music industry for all of his life.

Part in being responsible for Ke Moe being here is his father Greg "G. Moe" Moore who is currently the guitarist in the legendary band: EARTH, WIND & FIRE. He has taught Ke Moe a lot about the music business for most of his life, guiding him in the right direction to help develop ways on how to become a great musician as well as a music producer.

Ke Moe is ALL about creating NEW TIMELESS FEEL GOOD MUSIC.

He plans to take his music to another level everyday and is ready to share his sound with the rest of the WORLD.


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